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Contact Information

Alden March Bioethics Institute
Albany Medical College
47 New Scotland Ave.
Albany, NY 12208-3478


PhD University of Pennsylvania (Philosophy) 2019
Dissertation Title: Egalitarian Liberalism and Economic Freedom
Description: This dissertation defends an egalitarian conception of economic
liberty and discusses institutional arrangements that would best
realize it.
Dissertation Committee: Samuel Freeman (supervisor), Kok-Chor Tan, Alex Guerrero

MA Georgia State University (Philosophy) 2013
Thesis title: Do Political Liberals Need the Truth?
Thesis Committee: Christie Hartley (advisor), Andrew Altman, Andrew I. Cohen

BA Georgia State University 2011

Areas of Specialization: Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics
Areas of Competence: Ethics, Early Modern Ethics and Political Philosophy


Ethics Fellow Albany Medical College (AMBI) 2021 - present
Fellow U. S. Naval Academy (Stockdale Center) 2019 - 2021


"Reciprocity and the Ethics of Giving During Pandemics" (with Justin Bernstein), Journal of Social Philosophy. Published online March 19, 2021. https://doi.org/10.1111/josp.12408

This paper argues that individuals have obligations grounded in reciprocity to provide charitable assistance to those who are burdened by social distancing, in virtue of the fact that social distancing creates a non-excludable good in the form of reduced viral transmission rate.

"Against the Public Goods Conception of Public Health" (with Justin Bernstein), Public Health Ethics 13, no. 3 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1093/phe/phaa021

This paper critiques the view that public health essentially involves the production of public goods related to health or medicine. We argue that the idea of public goods does little work in delimiting the concept of public health in these theories, and that the idea that public agencies tasked with promoting public health ought to focus on the production of public goods is insufficiently motivated.

"Restating Statist Theories of Territory," comment on Margaret Moore's A Political Theory of Territory, Philosophy & Public Issues 6, no. 1 (2016).

In this paper, I argue that both statist and nationalist theories of territorial jurisdiction rights (which hold that states or peoples, respectively, are the primary bearer of territorial rights) are inadequate, and sketch a hybrid view that avoids the problems of both camps.


"The Reasonable Bases of Populist Elite Resentment" (accepted for edited volume)
This paper argues that, although populist movements are substantively wrong on many issues and evince a troubling lack of commitment to democratic norms, they are motivated by popular resentment of elite behavior and norms. The paper analyzes populist resentment as a negative reactive attitude, and argues that the bases of elite resentment are, on many issues, reasonable.

"Justifications for Harming and Intelligence Ethics" (accepted for edited collection on intelligence ethics)
This chapter examines different rationales for overcoming the presumption against doing harm in intelligence collection and their limitations when applied to human intelligence collection (HUMINT).

Talks and Presentations

June 2021 "Locke's Jansenist Conception of Charity"
John Locke Society, Naples (online)
Sept. 2020 "Carbon Footprints and Individual Responsibility for Emissions"
Manchester Centre for Political Theory
Sept. 2020 "Individual Responsibility and Climate Change" (workshop co-chair)
Manchester Centre for Political Theory
August 2020 "The Non-Identity Problem, Climate Change, and Collective Action"
Rocky Mountain Ethics, University of Colorado
Apr. 2019 "Evidential Decision Theory, Managing the News, and the Rationality of Voting"
PPE Society Meeting, New Orleans
Aug. 2018 "Coercion as Rough Treatment: Threats to Self and Others"
Rocky Mountain Ethics, University of Colorado
Mar. 2018 "Ideal Theory, Liberal Ideology, and Internal Critique"
PPE Society Meeting, New Orleans
Feb. 2018 "An Externality Tax on Guns: The Pollution Model"
Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Chicago
Sept. 2017 "The Full Compliance Assumption Revisited" (with Chetan Cetty)
Manchester Centre for Political Theory
Sept. 2017 "Assessing the Relevance of Ideal Theory" (workshop co-chair)
Manchester Centre for Political Theory
Sept. 2017 "The Pollution Model of Gun Control"
Rocky Mountain Ethics, University of Colorado
Apr. 2017 "A Hawks & Doves Game for Peer Disagreement"
Penn-Rutgers-Princeton Social Epistemology Workshop
Mar. 2017 Comments on Lisa Rosenlee's 'Confucian Political Authority,
Social Cohesion, and Dependency Care'
Penn Minorities and Philosophy (MAP): Global Feminisms
Oct. 2016 "Fairly Distributing the Benefits and Burdens of Gun Ownership"
Penn Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism Workshop
Aug. 2016 "Justifying Emigration Restrictions"
Rocky Mountain Ethics, University of Colorado
Nov. 2015 Panel Presentation on Mary Astell
Penn Women in Early Modern Philosophy Workshop
June. 2015 "The Downstream Effects of State Secession"
University College of Cork

Teaching Experience

Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

Spring 2021 JUKISP Instructor United States Naval Academy
Spring 2021 Introduction to Ethics United States Naval Academy
Summer 2020 The Social Contract University of Pennsylvania
Spring 2018 Environmental Ethics University of Pennsylvania
Summer 2017 The Social Contract University of Pennsylvania
Spring 2013 Introduction to Philosophy Georgia State University
Fall 2012 Introduction to Philosophy (two sections) Georgia State University
Summer 2012 Introduction to Philosophy Georgia State University

Teaching Assistant Experience

Spring 2016 Bioethics University of Pennsylvania
Fall 2015 Philosophy of Law University of Pennsylvania
Spring 2015 Philosophy of Social Science University of Pennsylvania
Fall 2014 Justice, Law, and Morality University of Pennsylvania

Additional Teaching Experience

With John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth:

Summer 2019 Exploring Ethics (instructor)
Summer 2019 Global Politics and Human Rights (instructor)
Summer 2018 Introduction to Philosophy (teaching assistant)
Summer 2016 Global Politics and Human Rights (instructor)


Spring 2016 Formal Logic I (outside tutor)


Reviewer for:
Public Health Ethics 2020
Journal of Applied Philosophy 2020
Journal of Ethics 2020
Philosophy Compass 2017

Graduate Representative to the Philosophy Faculty 2017-2018
Philosophy & Film Series Organizer 2016-2017
Penn Social Advisory Committee Research Assistant 2015-2017
Organizing Committee: 2013 GSU Philosophy Graduate Conference 2012-2013

Academic References

Samuel Freeman
Avalon Professor of the Humanities
University of Pennsylvania
Kok-Chor Tan
University of Pennsylvania
Alex Guerrero
Rutgers University
Rolf-Peter Horstmann
Humbolt University of Berlin
Edward Barrett
Volgenau Director of Strategy and Research
Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
United States Naval Academy